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    About GDXL

    GDXL Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. (GDXL) is a high-tech enterprises of molding equipment and services to the PET plastics industry.We design, manufacture, research and develop professional PET molds, including blow molds, preform injection molds and cap compression and injection molds.

    (GDXL was founded in 1993, taking up an area of more than 20000 m2 with more than 430 employees. GDXL is a national standard drafting unit of the PET molding industry, had participated in setting the national standard of Automatic Rotary PET Bottle Blowing Machine.We own the first CNAS certificated inspection laboratory in the PET industry, which is also authorized by the head office of Coca-Cola, becoming the only one Coca-Cola certificated thirdparty laboratory in Asia-Pacific.

    GDXL has its own R&D group composed of more than 100 people, developing more than 2000 projects every year, including the blow molds and preform molds, having more than twenty patens of invention and utility model owned, In addition, there more than 300 various fabrication machines, and its numerical controllable degree can reach 80%, which can meet with the world-class level for the high precision and the brilliant techniques.)

    (More than 60,000 cavities of GDXL molds are applied to the global market from our famous customer, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, THC, Danone, Nestle, Zhuhai Zhongfu, Zijiang Enterprise, etc.. GDXL’s molds are sold to more than 30 countries and regions globally, covering the United States, Japan, Australia, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.)

    ? (To meet the customers’ the higher requirements towards the processing cycle, precision and efficiency, GDXL had invested more than RMB 300 million to build a production-R&D-fabrication base in 2013, which in order to expand the production scale, enhance the precision of the mold fabrication as well as to change the mold fabrication methods.We adopt the flexible and intelligentized processing techniques for manufacturing and process improvement. We aim to build a world-class PET mold R&D-manufacture center with the craftsman's spirit. The construction of this project is propitious toprovides better services to our customers, also impetus the development of the PET mold industry.)