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    Engineering Consultation

    New Product Development 

    GDXL provides engineering consultation service through PET containers entire life cycle, including modeling, mold design and fabrication, container processing, filling, packaging, transportation and storage.There are three stages: Project feasibility consultant, project development consultant, developed project review.

    • Project Feasibility Consultant:

      Being in marketing research and analysis, providing professional advices from the view of the professional technology of PET packaging container. Advising on bottle design, equipment selection and investment analysis. Providing bottle samples for customer’s market investigation.

    • Project Development Consultant:

      Providing training and consultation on blowing machine, peripheral equipment, processing environment, the correct usage of mold.

    • Developed Project Review:

      Blowing technology training, mold maintenance system.

    Engineering Reform

    •       Neck Finish Reform

    • Labeling Drum Accessories

    • Sleeve Labeling Guide Pin

    •             Filling Parts

    GDXL provides personalized reform service to customers achieving that one mold can be applied for different machine and making flexible production line. Moreover, furthest reduce customer’s investment and improve efficiency during products conversion.

    ? Reform on packing production line base on the modification of bottle shape and neck finishes.
    ? The HR bottle production line is able to be reformed into hot and cold dual-purpose line.
    ? To modify the structure of blow molds from different brands of production line, which provide universality.。

    Technical Support

    There are 80 rich experienced R&D engineers and application engineers who are able to provide efficient technical support including mold commission, product process commission and technical consultant on PET package relationship of customer’s product in market. In addition, GDXL holds PET packaging technology training regularly to enhance the overall technical level of the industry.

    Mold Refurbishment

    GDXL provides mold refurbishment services, including blow mold, preform mold, closure mold disassembly, components inspection, issues analysis, assembly, inspection etc. Helping customers to reduce investment and improve production efficiency.