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    Our Equipment Suppliers

    High Quality Molds are Based on:
    GDXL use the world first-class high precision processing equipment, e.g. CHARMILLES (Swiss) mirror EDM machining and low speed wire cutting; HARDINGE (U.S.A) Lathe; DMG (Germany) gantry machining-centers and flexible manufacturing systems; HAAS (U.S.A) Machining Centers and lathe; MAZAK (Japan) gantry machining-centers; STUDER (Swiss) CNC grinding machine, etc., more than 85% of the manufacturing in GDXL are processed with CNC automatic equipment.

    (Precision of the Manufacturing Equipment)


    Precision of the equipment

    State of Origin

    CNC machining tools

          Positioning accuracy<2μm

          Repetitive positioning accuracy<1μm



    U.S.A, Swiss

    CNC machining center

          Positioning accuracy±6μm

          Repetitive positioning accuracy±2.9μm

    U.S.A, Japan


          Surface smoothnessRa0.1μm


    Five axis CNC machine tools

          Positioning accuracy5μm

          Repetitive positioning accuracy±3μm

    Germany, Japan